Some simple steps to upload email templates on to MailChimp and customize  it.

  • Login into your mailchimp account
  • Find out and click the link “Templates” from top-left menu
  • Click “Create Template” button at right side
  • Select “Code Your Own” and click “Import HTML”
  • Give a right name & upload.
  • After upload, to keep the template as it is, do not edit there. Just come out from there and click “Campaigns” from top-left menu.
  • So you can create the campaign as well as customize the template for the specific campaign.
  • Click “Create an Email”
  • After completeing (Can do later also) your stuffs, click on “Design Email”
  • Select “Saved Templates” … and then select your purchased template. (Ex. 002.)
  • You can see bunch of tabs at right side. Those are to change the background colors, images or border for any section or element.
  • For text editing just click on the text and start editing.